IDEMIA Article-VisionPass and MorhoWave Compact

With VisionPass and MorphoWave Compact, IDEMIA confirms its leadership in contactless biometrics for access control
VisionPass, the ultimate face recognition device for physical access and time & attendance control, was introduced earlier this year and extends IDEMIA’s range of contactless devices for access control.
Designed according to our partners’ and end-users’ needs and requirements, VisionPass offers a unique experience: being identified on-the-move in less than 1 second thanks to powerful algorithms. For more user comfort, VisionPass works in all light conditions from complete darkness to bright sunlight, with all face types and with various vertical and horizontal angles to cope with users of different heights (1.20- 2.00 meters / 3ft 11” – 6ft 6”). And as VisionPass was designed for access control and security, it can counter spoofing attempts by image, video or 3D masks.
Like IDEMIA’s other frictionless biometric systems such as MorphoWave™ Compact, VisionPass is fully integrated with our MorphoManager device management platform and is already “plug & play” with most physical access control systems.
With VisionPass (facial recognition) and MorphoWave™ Compact (fingerprints), IDEMIA confirms its leadership in contactless biometrics for secure, convenient and hygienic access control.

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