EDM:2N® IP Solo Enhance the Security of Your Premises

2N® IP Solo is an elegant and reliable intercom equipped with lots of useful functions. Thanks to SIP support and compatibility with major brands of PBX manufacturers, it can benefit from using VoIP networks. It can be used as a door or special purpose intercom for office buildings, residential areas and other applications. Very easy to install of 2N® IP Solo, which is assemble the required parts and modules and attach the network cable. The modules are plug & play, so there is no need to configure them manually. The intercom can be supplied from a 12 V DC power source, or using a PoE switch. And designed as a vandal resistant intercom, which withstands mechanical or weather conditions with no need to purchase extra accessories.
Use your PC with any internet browser to configure 2N® IP Solo or apply the 2N® Access Commander to configure extensive installations of multiple intercoms.

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