Concert in the Dark 2017 Press Conference

29 June 2017
Hysan Place, Causeway Bay


This Thursday, the Concert in the Dark 2017 Press Conference was held successfully. We hereby thank all celebrities, honourable guests and press reporters to participate together and we are happy to be one of the many.
To help such a great cause, Armada not only sponsored the event to show our support, we will also deploy our cameras in the concert venue, which are capable of surveillance through complete darkness using special Infrared (IR) light, without giving out a red bright spot which may possibly disturb performers.
We strongly encourage you to join us in this Concert for a good cause to help those in dire need.
For more information, please visit HERE.


About Concert in the Dark

Concert in the Dark is a charity event organized by a group of visually-impaired people, who aimed to raise funds for the Dialogue in the Dark HK Foundation. Dialogue in the Dark is a Social Enterprise in Hong Kong which aimed to help the visually-impaired to further their talents and help them become strong independent individuals.
This Concert is set in a pitch-black hall, where there is practically no visibility. Performers will sing and dance in the dark, throwing away all the deceptive visuals and only keeping the things that matter. The audience can expect the most immersive and realistic music experience, in which the audience and performers will link their hearts together and feel the unlimited possibilities life can bring.

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