Network Security Information Seminar

7 July 2017
Armada Office
This Friday afternoon, Armada held its Network Security Information Seminar and came to an end successfully. All the participants, including our instructors, are really enthusiastic on how to construct a more secured network workspace.
Recently, malicious software (Malware) like ‘WannaCry’, ‘Petya’ has caused chaos worldwide, paralyzing government agencies, companies and personal computers. Preventing and defending against these threats is one of the highest priorities for all sectors in order to protect their network assets.
This Seminar mainly focuses on how to protect online video surveillance services and as well as computer system integrity. Our speakers spoke about the most recent threats and even realistic case studies, then they talked about how to improve the security integrity of computer systems, for example updating software and firmware, avoid inserting USB drives into servers, be careful about phishing sites and raise personal awareness about malicious social engineering attacks.

On the other hand, we also demonstrated some of the newest technologies to our participants, including monitoring cameras which are capable of operating in low-light or even no-light situations, also software which supports multi-site, multi-camera operation, with even more advanced features such as multi-layer maps and smart video-searching.
Last but not least, a big ‘Thank you!’ for all who passionately participated in this Seminar.
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Event Recap:

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