Axis Channel Partner Forum Comes to An End

31 March 2017
Axis Office & Axis Experience Centre
The Axis Channel Partner Forum took place on 31 March 2017 and ended successfully.
Thank you for the supports from all participants.

Any error within public transportation and critical infrastructure would cause loss to the general public as they are essential assets for society’s economy operation. In the forum, we partnered with Axis and demonstrated a lists of higher level security systems which help prevent manual mistakes.

One of the event highlights is Axis thermal network camera. It provides higher surveillance accuracy as it is less sensitive to light conditions, and can detect objects blend in complex backgrounds. Another focus is on perimeter defender. It grants higher assurance as it supports multiple detection scenarios, protecting large-scale installation, in which these properties cannot be easily achieved by ordinary cameras. Another additional feature of this event is that participants could experience how Axis’ products were applied to the authentic environment by visiting Axis Experience Centre. They better understand the importance and effectiveness of smart security system through self-involvement.

Our forum covers other interesting elements.
If you are interested with the upcoming new products, come and join us in the next events!

Event Recap:

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