Part II, Armada Technology Conference

29 Apr, 2016

“Secure the Flow and make the Premises Safer”

Armada Technology Conference 2016 has finally came to an end on 29/4. After two afternoon seminars, participants have equipped themselves with knowledge relating to surveillance technologies, network management solutions, access control and public address solutions.

Thanks to the support
 from HID, AEX, Nedap and Entrypass, disscusion related to vehicle surveillance, access control and visitor enrollment were delivered. During the middle of the conference, there were exhibition demonstrating the products of access control and public address. Participants were able to understand the way to safeguard their workplace and control the visitors. We hope participants had a fruitful experience in attending the conference and once again congratulations to the prize winner of our lucky draw session!

Stay tuned if you want to come to our next conference and learn more about different securities product!

Event Recap:

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