How Thermal Imaging Works with Video Analysis?

16 Oct, 2015
Armada Office

'How Thermal Imaging Works with Video Analysis?' seminar was held last Friday at Armada's office. As the seminar's name shown, it was to demonstrate how thermal camera works with video analysis. Therefore, NUUO mainconsole IP+ and AXIS' thermal camera Q1932-E are introduced to show how they perfectly match each other.

Due to the less sensitivity to light condition, AXIS' thermal camera Q1932-E can keep clear imaging while the light condition is not good. To make its performace even better, NUUO mainconsole IP+ is used to complement it. NUUO mainconsole IP+ is to carry out digital counting, event detection, intelligent seaching, playback and export.

On the other hand, AXIS' Zipstream Technology is suggested to implement as it can lower bandwidth and cut storage requirement and provide more space for videos.

We trully hope that you enjoyed the sessions as much as we do. Looking forward to seeing you in the next event!

Event Recap:

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