All-In-One Box PA Promotion Day Perfectly Run in Armada

25 Sep, 2015
Armada Office

AEX 'All-In-One Box PA Promotion Day' was perfectly concluded last Friday at Armada's office. Like the theme of the event, all the guests were gathered in the same place to join the discussion. And most importantly, they were introduced the high price-performance ratio products - AEX MEDUSA Series. 

Being the highlight of the day, MEDUSA 3, 4, 5 all perform well in their roles respectively. The MEDUSA Series is designed with clear objectives, to reduce equipment count, ease installation and reduce inter-equipment cabling and these functions are being intergrated into a single box. With different characteristics and specifications, they suit all public address needs especially for small and medium enterprises.

We trully hope that you enjoyed the sessions with hands-on demonstration and significant information of products provided.
Looking forward to meeting you all in the near future!

Event Recap:

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