Power Management via Ethernet Internet

Wherever you are working or travelling, you can control the power on/ off of the electrical appliances in the house or office at a distance. Amazingly, it is not a dream anymore. With Aviosys IP Power Series, we could undoubtedly step into a new technological century!

Control Anytime, Anywhere

The built-in web server allows IP Power Series to easily connect to the internet with popular web browsers. Compatibility with all android and IOS systems, users can turn on/ off their devices at a preset schedule through a computer, a smartphone, or anywhere with internet access.

Auto Ping (Watch Dog) Function

The IP Power Series* would automatically reset downed devices. The function is not only reducing the amount of downtime, but also ensuring the maximum of uptime via the ability to remote reboot.

Click here for more details of IP Power Series.

* This function is only available for 9255UK, 9258W2 and 9258DS.
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