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Armada - Origin of our name is an appellation of a famous naval fleet in Spanish history which is regarded as the “Invincible Fleet” in the world history. The design of the alphabets “Ar” of our logo symbolically represents the bow of a warship. Riding the winds and waves, the warship leads the whole fleet moving forward to victory. A fleet is composed of various warships, fighting for glory and victory concordantly in one heart. We, Armada International Limited, are willing to contribute our expertise in technology and wholehearted services, aligning with our security experts and suppliers as comrades, marching together, opening a new era of security solutions.

The Chinese name of Armada also implies accessibility to Asia, America and all over the world. Armada aims at sharing its excellent security and surveillance solutions while carrying forward its vision and mission to customers at the same time.


Armada - 源自西班牙歷史中著名的「海軍艦隊」的名稱,在世界歷史上被稱為「無敵艦隊」。
紅色英文字母 " Ar " 的設計象徵性地代表一艘艦艇的船頭,並且乘風破浪,帶領整隊艦隊全速前進,為勝利之旅而進發。一隊艦隊是由多艘艦艇組成,寓意團結、齊心一致,一起為理念和使命前進。同樣,我們積極樂意提供專業的科技知識和貼心的服務,與我們的保安專家客戶和供應商結成夥伴,協力開創一個安全的新世代。

亞美達 - 亦寓意我們優越的方案和服務,足跡由「亞」到「美」遍「達」全球各大洲,並在世界上每一個地方,發揚亞美達的理念和使命。
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